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This is a trailer for the launch of our new podcast called Sticky from Newsletter Glue. Sticky will feature interviews with newsletter experts on topics like growth, paywalls, and deliverability. The goal is to provide actionable advice to help media companies and newsrooms build successful newsletters. New episodes will be released weekly every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.


Hey there! Welcome to Sticky!

Sticky helps media companies and newsrooms build must-read newsletters through actionable case studies and interviews with the best newsletter operators in the business.

This podcast is brought to you by Newsletter Glue. A WordPress plugin that enables publishers to write and send newsletters inside the WordPress editor. Our customers consistently cut their publishing time in half, giving them more time to spend on content quality and growth.

I’m co-founder of Newsletter Glue and your host for this podcast, Lesley Sim.

This is season 1 of Sticky. In it, you’ll hear me interview industry experts like Alyssa Dulin, Dan Oshinsky and Tyler Channel on topics like deliverability, growth, and paywall funnels.

New episodes come out every Tuesday. And you can find them wherever you get your podcasts.

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