A podcast to help publishers, media companies and non-profits build a must-read newsletter through actionable case studies and playbooks from the best newsletter operators in the industry.

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Lesley Sim is the co-founder of Newsletter Glue - a tool that enables publishers to build and publish newsletters inside WordPress. Publishers say they save 1-2 hours per newsletter and have 10-xed their site traffic.

By day, she works and interacts with hundreds of publishers, operators, product managers, developers, agency owners, and designers across the newsletter industry.

By night, she interviews these very same people and gets them to share their hard won experience and insights with you on this podcast.

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Here's everything you need to know about Newsletter Glue in a quick Q&A format:

What is Newsletter Glue?

Newsletter Glue is a WordPress plugin that connects your existing ESP to WordPress. From there, you can build and publish your newsletters using the regular WordPress block editor.

Who is it for and how does it help them?

Newsletter Glue is for medium to large publishers looking to consolidate their newsletter operations into WordPress.

We save publishing teams 1-2 hours per newsletter - a big deal if you're sending multiple newsletters per week.

With us, your newsletter archives natively live in WordPress, meaning you can apply SEO and subscription best practices to grow your audience and revenue.

Will Newsletter Glue work for  my organization?

Let's find out! Book a call with me, Lesley Sim. We'll chat about your newsletter operations and determine whether Newsletter Glue is the right fit for you.

And if it isn't, I'm more than happy to recommend alternatives. :)

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